Feet On The Street Ministries • A Video Glimpse

Here is a video glimpse into the history and vision of Feet On The Street Ministries in Reading, PA!  From Pear Street, to Front Street, from open air street ministry with Marvin Zimmerman and his kids, to the corner store, from our property today to wherever God takes us!  Feet On The Street is the story of a few believers who BELIEVED and still BELIEVE that through the love and power of Jesus Christ, the ‘dry bones’ of Reading CAN live again! 

It is our passion to reach out to the youth in our city, show them Christ, and let His love and grace transform their lives!  We want to equip them with Biblical truth about who they are and why they are alive, and then, send them back into their city and back into the world, full of the love and power of Christ, so they join us as we love God, love others, and destroy the works of the enemy!  Watch and share this 8 minute video about the past present and future of our ministry! 

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