Good Good Father

This past Sunday at Feet On The Street, the Nicaragua Team shared some stories and testimonies about their time in Nicaragua!  Check out our video below for a 22 minute glimpse into our 8 days abroad!

As we shared and reflected on what God did and how he guided our time in Nicaragua, I believe we were all reminded of His amazing faithfulness.   He is such a good, good Father.  Do we really believe that? We really should. In a world where its sometimes difficult to find trustworthy people, we as His children are so blessed to have a loving faithful Father who can be trusted to guide and lead us along our journeys in this life.

The life of a believer is an exciting and super fulfilling adventure IF, the believer is truly willing to step through the doorways God opens.  When we keep our eyes fixed on Him, we notice opportunities that He brings us to serve, and love, and glorify His name on the earth.  Our opportunity to take a team to Nicaragua was just that, a God-orchestrated opportunity to step into another level of putting “Feet” on the “Street”.  This time it was on the streets of Jinotepe, and Diriamba and Managua. We trusted it was His guidance, and we stepped into it, and much good came from that step.

Where will He open doors next!?? Our responsibility and our privilege is to stay connected to His heart in prayer and worship.  And as we stay in relationship with Him, We watch what He’s doing!!! We wait on His correct timing!!! And we keep ourselves built up in the faith, ready to step, when He opens the door!!!

Exciting times await those who believe He is their good good Father!

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