Kabish Kabosh KaBOOM!

Esther the Musical is over! This past week was the final push, the final last give-it-our-all sprint to the glorious finish line! We finished with one great big kabish kabosh kaBOOM, which, for those of you who did not see the performance, means, they KILLED IT! Many of us, I’m sure, are relieved, happy, glad to be done with all the rehearsals, all the memorization, the costumes, the tiring stage production. But, as we now find ourselves sitting around for hours twiddling our thumbs (ehhhh… not likely), with nothing to rehearse or build or plan, I’m sure we will from time to time develop at least a slight longing to remember and re-live the joys of the Esther journey.  So, for those who miss the rich times of community and creativity Esther provided, this blog post will be a place to park the ever-growing list of photos and videos captured this past week of rehearsals and performances! Enjoy!




And if you want even more moments to re-live, check out our Esther Photo Album!


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