Update From Delilah in Jamaica

Several months back we posted a blog entry about our very own Delilah Risavy and her upcoming Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission, Jamaica! Fast forward to November – Delilah is alive and well in Jamaica, she survived this year’s overly exciting hurricane season in the Carribbean, and today she is up and running with her DTS adventures. Check out her latest update below, followed by some photos of her Jamaican YWAM experience so far:

Hello everybody! Just an update of how my time has been with Ywam, in Jamaica! We are almost two months in to me being here, meaning I have about a month left of the lecture phase and then the 2 months of outreach in Africa. These last two months have been life changing. I’ve had so many things uprooted and exposed in my heart, and honestly it’s been a journey of getting rid of the things that don’t belong, and replacing them with God’s truth. Being here has allowed me to take a actually close look at my heart and even begin to change habits that were formed off of a insecure identity. Life is a process! This journey with God is a process! And some times we have to be okay with our journey and make sure we are allowing ourselves to hear God’s voice in every situation at every second of the day.

With that, I still have funds that are needed for my outreach phase. I was blessed and someone paid off the grounds fee for my outreach but I still need to pay for the plane tickets to get there. We are estimating I will need around 2,000 dollars still. Kelly Mañana will have some of my paintings which can be bought, and if you would like to send funds to me I have a PayPal you can send the funds too.

Through everything please pray for our team, that everyone would get there funds and for our outreach time, that we would be effective with using all of the teachings and life changing moments out where people need It! I’m so grateful for everyone who has invested into my journey to get here, and be here being in Ywam has changed my Life! So thank you all for seeing my life as good soil to plant in, and invest into.


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